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Geneva Tourist Attractions

The people living in Switzerland are considered to be the blessed people of the world because they are supposed to be living in heaven. There are several attractions which captivate the interests of people belonging to the other nations of the world and they desire to visit beautiful land. Geneva airport is one of the gateways used by the people which are situated near the city. Because of its geographical location, people can easily access the hotels, resorts and other desired locations. Most of the tourists who are travelling from other regions prefer to stay near airport so that they can easily visit desired places. There are several places located near Geneva airport and they are worth visiting. Some of them are given as follows.

Lake Geneva is one of the most important nearby attractions/places to see and the people can easily view the lake. The distance between the lake and city center is almost 40.5 km and it falls into Rhone River. Individuals can enjoy boating while visiting this beautiful lake. In addition to the natural resources, there are several recreational spots, museums and parks which are built for the amusement of tourists. Tourism industry in Geneva is well developed and individuals can easily utilize the services of tour guides if they are facing problems in exploring the region.

Geneva Park is another important park which is source of excitement for the kids. It is a water park, located almost 2 km away from the city. People can enjoy swimming and eating at the pool. In addition to this, they can enjoy viewing clean and beautiful lake. If somebody is interested in exploring history of art, then museum of art and history is one of the most important and attractive places located in the region which is popular because of its wide collection of artifacts and architectural surroundings. Maison Tavel is another ancient building which was constructed in 12th century and it reveals some important facts about history of nations.

In addition to all these places, it is also observed that the region is enriched by several attractive restaurants, bars and cafes. In these places, people can enjoy Swedish dishes. Swiss chocolates and watches are very popular throughout the world. They can easily shop through the attractively constructed shopping malls. People must identify all the available alternatives with them for accessing multiple places within a limited timeframe. It is recommended to the customers to avail bus services because their fare rate is low. However the tourists can also utilize the services of car hire companies.

Before visiting nearby attractions/places to see a person must list down all the regions which must be visited. Therefore research on the internet could help the customers in enlisting the available options. In addition to this, they can also identify which of the places are closer so that they can be visited in one trip. In this manner, precious time of the tourists can be saved. Among the best places, Museum of Natural History is another important place which must be visited by the people. Best thing about this place is that there are no entry charges. There are several other landmarks, iconic buildings and governmental institutes which are worth visiting. However it is noticed that most of the people prefer visiting parks, museums and religious places. People are encouraged to visit these places as well as they are calm and depict their importance. CERN is the largest research lab of the world which is also located near the city. People who are interested in exploring wonders of science can visit this place as several science exhibitions are conducted from time to time. Geneva is a perfect combination of history, science and arts and is the worth visiting place.